Why Responsive Design?

Responsive design is a concept where you build your website once and then format it so it can adapt to any screen size that accesses it. MivaMaster uses HTML5 and CSS to build the sites and set parameters so the content will resize itself whether the user is in vertical or horizontal viewing mode, on a tablet, desktop or smartphone or even a screen as large as a television.

We employ responsive design here at MivaMaster.com. Go ahead, test it out. If you are on a PC browser, shrink or enlarge the window and watch the content respond. If you are on a tablet or smartphone, switch between portrait and landscape.

See what happened? MivaMaster.com looks great no matter what size it is, no matter what device you are using.

What's The Best Way To Build A Responsive Website?
The first thing to think of when building a responsive site is simplicity. Most web designers love to show off that they can design the hell out of a website. They fall in love with their code and all the cool things that it can do. Go away from the fineite look and feel details and focus on what really works for all senerios.

Best Practices
There are a variety of ways to go about building a responsive website. Here is a very long infographic, shown below.

The idea is to focus around content and avoid the pitfalls that certain aspects of websites can create..